Vegetable Chickpea Curry

I decided that it was time to again try something new. I looked up recipe after recipe until one for vegetable curry caught my eye. It was soon decided that I would make this for dinner. A friend of mine ended up going shopping with me and he ended up getting himself invited to dinner.

You can find the recipe I used here.

Like last week I adapted the recipe to suit my tastes and to use ingredients easily and cheaply found. Instead of a typical curry that has either dairy or coconut milk the one I chose was water based. Just like curries have changed and evolved as it traveled from place to place, I also took creative liberties on the recipe. Due to the Indian Ocean spice trade this type of dish was influenced with ingredients throughout the world (Lecture 8)._DSC0971

The curry that I made was probably closer to an Indian curry than a Thai curry. It did not have a plethora of fresh ingredients like that of a Thai curry but instead utilized dried and powdered spices. My curry also shows how ingredients of the new world quickly worked their way into the culinary practices of the old world. The curry was simmered in crushed tomatoes and their juices, which are native to the new world.

My friend and I really enjoyed the curry. I also brought some home on Friday for my Mom who is vegan. She was “mad” at me because last week I brought my dad home some of the dumplings, and she didn’t get anything. This time she wasn’t mad at me, and told me it was very good.


The curry was sweet and spicy. As all the ingredients were simmered together the flavors that developed were rich and deep. The dish just felt homey, earthy, and rustic. There were multiple layers to the flavor. At first it was mostly sweet, with the tomatoes and cooked carrots. As you continued to eat it the spice began to build, but the rice and the chickpeas kept the spice in check, so you were never overwhelmed. It was like a bowl of chili on a cold winter day, warming and filling.


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